1. Fresh things Friday: in quite possibly the freshest Friday in quite some time today i got a package in the mail from Joby! (if you’re not familiar with them and own a camera even an iPhone you need to check em out so click this link all ready!!!)  Even though i’ve only had a few of their products they’ve always been really handy. just seeing all these new tripods is so inspiring i can’t wait to get out and do some shooting now skate, snow, everything is going to be such a blast to get new unique angles. so HUGE thank you to Joby and keep your eyes peeled I’ll do my best to share the ways these have helped me get the shot.


  2. Throwback Thursday: Houghton Drop Rail

    landed pretty flat on this one but i think it’s the coolest looking shot i ever got up there. 


  3. Here’s a few clips Eric got yesterday skating at ojibway 


  4. Eric and I got up early to skate the Ojibway park before it got too hot or busy. It was a great session!


  5. Skate session: I don’t know why anyone needs anything more than a gopro. 📷: Sarah Kuntz


  6. Skate session. With the gopro and the Joby action clamp. A few boneless variations I tried to get on my own the other day but it worked out a lot better this time. 📷: Sarah Kuntz


  7. Throwback Thursday: Afton Alps A Frame Rail


  8. http://www.angrysnowboarder.com threw up one of my bails from a few years back on their #instaslams today head to their insta and give them a follow for more carnage and all kinds of good stuff http://instagram.com/angrysnowboarder


  9. GOPOLE just dropped their new site!!! as if they weren’t all ready the greatest accessories you could ask for there are even some new goods click the pic and check it out!!!!


  10. This week a throwback to a rail that looked super sick and tons of gnarly tricks went down on but i never really got enough speed to do anything awesome, I swear every time we went to this spot there was a car parked right up top making it even more difficult to dial in the speed. 


  11. Happy go skateboarding day! Today we watched total madness at Ojibway and got a little long board cruise in. I hope you got out and pushed around for a bit!


  12. Throwback Thursday: 

    Circa 2009 on a rail that had been on my radar for years and i’m glad we got it done as quickly as we did and on a sunny day because we got busted pretty quickly.There wasn’t nearly enough run up and it was much taller than expected but i’m stoked I did it!


  13. Throwback Thursday: circa summer of 2005 I think I put in like 40 + ice rink snow sessions that year. Photo: Jacquie Bates


  14. over a year ago I bought a Revolve camera dolly. I never really got it out on snow yet and I’ve been meaning to get some practice in with it so that I know what i’m doing before we get out on snow. so here’s a little something i filmed yesterday. 


  15. this is Repolia Robinson. I got to know him this season at Afton, he was out there every day and always had a great attitude best of all he is down to ride EVERYWHERE. from just cruising runs in the highlands to lapping the rope and even in the street Repolia is a really fun kid to ride with!


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