1. ShrEDIT: Skate solo session 9/9 

    Filmed using my Joby Gpod mini magnetic!


  2. New Selfie Skate edit coming at ya tomorrow AM!

    Thanks to my Joby Gpod Mini Magnetic !

    I wish i could have had the gopro with the app and all these other cool toys when i was a kid. I could have dropped INSANE edits back in the day it would have been so motivating!


  3. You can not beat stickers! Everyone loves stickers!!! Huge thanks to Diecutstickers.com


  4. Throwback Thursday: back in the day we had to car tow in to fun little spot like this, then there was the banshee bungee. Now I just hope my bungees never break! 📷 Sarah Kuntz


  5. Skate Session with Brandon Bowes last night at Ojibway!

    Filmed with Gopole Reach 


  6. Fresh Things Friday: first magazine of the season.

    1) Transworld snowboarding is out: After being bought by grind media last year they still exist and it still makes me smile.

    2) Jake Welch is on Ride! : One of the riders that has been in limbo since forum closed up shop and I can’t wait to see what he’s been up to!

    3) The new Burton ad on the inside cover: It says “we know why we ride… Do you?” This reminds me of the old Burton ads that said “open minds open mountains”. I’m really happy to see this and happy that the first thing I see inside a snowboard mag isn’t an ad for an energy drink, hotdogs, or god knows what it could have been!


  7. Throwback Thursday: Slashing Slush at Lutsen!


  8. Throwback Thursday: a spring session at afton back lip on the mailbox 📷:Sarah Kuntz


  9. Sarah and I had never been on jet ski’s before, so our friends Emily and Dan helped us remedy that yesterday! Such a blast! Living in the land of 10,000 lakes it’s a must!!!


  10. Ride Lasso boots  MSRP$ 269.99 The gig is up for traditional lace lovers; Ride’s Lasso boot will hog-tie your heel down with their new Tongue Tied Boa lacing system. With a stellar out of box fit and Intuition liners there is practically no break in. By seasons end you will still be smiling when you hear the click of this boot wrapping around your foot letting you know it will be there through every turn! The Lasso rides just as well on the last day of season as the first. Get to your local shop and try on Ride’s Lasso boots!

    For the last 13 years people have been claiming that laces were going to die because of this BOA dial technology and for 12 years i’ve tried on every boot i could get my foot in and never been impressed in the least with a boot that had a dial on the front of it. This boot changed all that every problem I’ve ever had with lacing this boot has solved The one thing that I think is really worth noting about this boot is that the sizing runs different than a lot of brands I was able to step down a half a size from the Burton’s and 32 boots I’ve ridden in the past & a whole size from the Nike’s / a few others I’ve tried on. 

    Any boot review is only an opinion and everyone’s feet are different. The most important thing in EVERY boot is that it fits your foot and that you have it sized properly.  So as season approaches please remember to bring snowboarding socks with you to try on boots. I always start my season in my spring socks so i have enough room to feel comfortable while still letting my toes brush up agains the front of the boot with out being curled. I also recommend an aftermarket footbed this season i rode and really enjoyed the Superfeet Carbon footbeds.


  11. SKY ZONE

    Sarah and i have been bouncing four days a week and we have been learning a ton while having a blast here’s a few of the tricks i’ve learned so far!


  12. Throwback Thursday
📷: Jacquie Bates


  13. Fresh things Friday: in quite possibly the freshest Friday in quite some time today i got a package in the mail from Joby! (if you’re not familiar with them and own a camera even an iPhone you need to check em out so click this link all ready!!!)  Even though i’ve only had a few of their products they’ve always been really handy. just seeing all these new tripods is so inspiring i can’t wait to get out and do some shooting now skate, snow, everything is going to be such a blast to get new unique angles. so HUGE thank you to Joby and keep your eyes peeled I’ll do my best to share the ways these have helped me get the shot.


  14. Throwback Thursday: Houghton Drop Rail

    landed pretty flat on this one but i think it’s the coolest looking shot i ever got up there. 


  15. Here’s a few clips Eric got yesterday skating at ojibway 


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