1. Lutsen mountain melt down was a blast! The weather was a little questionable but some fog Sunday am made for some cool pictures. The north shore was beautiful as always stoked to make turns with Brandon, Jordan, Kyle, Sarah, and CT.


  2. Congratulations and thanks to everyone that participated in the spring scavenger hunt!


  3. Bluebird sky’s and soft snow last day for wild was a good one! We need to make it up there more often next year!


  4. Kits: Ride Kink
    This board Retails for $379.99


  5. Throwback Thursday
    Circa 2008 Photo: Sarah Kuntz
    I don’t think I ever posted this shot anywhere but after the noseblock and air to fakie I decided to get surf inspired and do a lay back slash.


  6. I can’t believe i forgot to post these but back in February I was one of the coaches for the Thrasher Camp at Afton Alps and it was a BLAST these kids are totally on fire! such a rad camp if you missed the Thrasher camps this year make sure you sign up for camp come next year!
    and like them on Facebook


  7. CT getting in his laps!


  8. Afton shred Thanks for Filming CT!
    Gopole Grenade Grip!


  9. Lutsen Trip1 
    bluebird sky and a new high speed detachable 6pack were EPIC!
    We made some awesome turns!


  10. Today I picked up the box from Bakoda with all the stuff for the #springscavenger hunt! So much great stuff to give away so get your entries in!


  11. This one’s for Sage!
    Photo: Sarah Kuntz


  12. This weekend I got to teach Chloe to snowboard!
    she’s 5 years old and lives in Arkansas. this was her first time on snow and she LOVED IT!


  13. Method Monday with Repolia and myself!
    Photos: Sarah Kuntz


  14. Repolia and i put down a few tricks on Afton’s new Pole jam!
    Photos: Sarah Kuntz


  15. Spring Shred Scavenger Hunt!
    Brought to you by Bakoda
    Spring shred is here and my favorite time of the season. so many funny & fun things come to mind thinking of spring shredding so from now through April 7th find these things out on the hill snap some pictures and share them on Instagram the more things you find and the funnier the better. don’t forget to tag @bakodagear, #Jibbingwithjerome, & #springscavenger

    * contest open to U.S. residents only.